The Court of Public Opinion

Our strategic public affairs supports governments and political efforts with full-spectrum communications solutions, fueling a two-decade reputation of spearheading multi-faceted campaigns designed to win.


Communications Plan Development

Communications plans set the tone and pace of public relations and marketing campaigns. All plans include issue research, key messaging, and editorial planning for op-eds, news releases and public statements.

Brand Identity & Messaging Development

Brand identity breaths life into campaigns and organizations. Galvanized Strategies ensures your messaging stays on track and drives the conversation around your issues with key audiences.

Digital Communications

Web sites, social media and email marketing play a key role in communications. It's the easiest, most efficient means for the public to learn about your key issues and stay up on events.


Consultancy provides clients expert advice to help you make the best decisions. As a project advisor, Galvanized Strategies lays out goals and objectives to achieve optimal results.

Issue Monitoring

Galvanized Strategies monitors online chatter about your issues with real-time alerts. We provide full monthly and year-end analytics reports as well as press release reports to show where your message traveled.


Support means more than setting meetings. We pride ourselves on a client-forward style that invites engagement on your terms when and where you need it.



Strategic Planning

Galvanized Strategies delivers strategic public affairs solutions for government entities and political campaigns. We employ the most effective tactics to maximize message resonance and reach to your target audiences.

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Public Affairs & Political Strateges

Galvanized Strategies offers public affairs and political experience in office holder elections, ballot initiatives and PAC campaigns. Our topics of specialty include healthcare, planning and land use, and public education.

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Communications Services

Galvanized Strategies supports clients in all communications needs, including media spokesperson. Our communications services include issue research, focus groups, messaging, media coaching, legislative meetings, town halls as well as all traditional PR and marketing services.

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