Our strategic public affairs supports governmental agencies with full-spectrum communications solutions, fueling a two-decade reputation for spearheading multi-faceted campaigns designed to win.


Communications Plan Development

Communications plans set the tone and pace of public relations and marketing campaigns. All plans include core brand identity, market competitor analysis and an editorial calendar to follow throughout the year.

Brand Identity

Brand identity breaths life into organizations. By leading discussions, we create or refresh your look with with your logo, color scheme and brand book as well as brand messaging including tagline, value proposition and mission statement.

Web Design

Web sites plan a key role in communications. From it, internal and external audiences learn your mission and personality while making a purchasing decision.


Consultancy supports business leaders in tackling business challenges. Blending a marketer's eye with a sales professional's sense gives a 360 approach to stimulating more leads.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing flows information direct to key audiences. With a properly engaged content stream, public relations consistently employs clever storytelling to draw in buyers.


Support means more than meetings. We pride ourselves on a client-forward style that invites engagement on your terms when you need it.



Strategic Growth

Galvanized Strategies delivers strategic public relations solutions for busy business leaders worldwide. Due to packed calendars, our 6-Step Process merges modern thinking and adaptability in support of business leaders facing today's marketing and sales challenges.

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Industrial Markets

Galvanized Strategies offers industry expertise in oil and gas, finance, healthcare and land use and development. Most noteworthy, our marketing and branding campaigns provide optimal outcomes for small and mid-size businesses, from the petroleum industry to the financial services world.

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Communications Services

Galvanized Strategies offers full spectrum communications services from traditional needs, such as logos and websites, to more cutting-edge options with digital platforms and SaaS solutions. As a result, we marry up all the public relations tactics delivering cohesive plans that tackle email marketing, social media and website content management, media coverage and tradeshow support collateral.

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