What’s not to love about these 9 great PR movies?

They’re hardly “real life” depictions about day-to-day public relations. But frankly, we crave escapism too. And these cinematic treats offer little slices of entertainment that make us laugh, cry and even feel inspired.


  1. Thank You for Smoking (2005) | Three words: Merchants of Death. Clever writing about a hated big tobacco lobbyist. A must-see for any PR pro.
  2. Wag the Dog (1997) | Public opinion shaped by the media, a humorous case study of crisis management in a dirty political PR landscape.
  3. The Queen (2006) | The Crown badly mismanages the public mourning for the perished Princess Diana – “The People’s Princess.” Opinion polling looms large.
  4. Frost/Nixon (2008) | Nixon’s last ditch effort to re-write history goes  sideways in one historic TV moment. Spokesperson training 101 fail.
  5. Jerry Maguire (1996) | Hard not to love the way rising football star Rod Tidwell inspires his agent in mid-life crisis mode. “Show me the money!”
  6. All the President’s Men (1976) | A scandal so well defined and branded that any subsequent PR scandal gets “-gate” tagged onto the end.
  7. The Social Network (2010)| Digital media collides with public relations in this Harvard student-turns-Internet sensation story.
  8. Roman Holiday (1953) | A princess runs away during a European PR tour and comes across an enterprising, sneaky reporter in Rome.
  9. Charlotte’s Web (1973) | It’s a children’s story that proves good PR can be a lifesaver. He wasn’t just a future piece of bacon; he was “terrific.”

Erica Holloway is the founder and lead strategist at Galvanized Strategies.


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