Horton Kindergarten Teacher Focused on Reading Skills

United Parents for Education Honors Anita Alcaraz November Teacher

SAN DIEGO (Dec. 20, 2013) —- United Parents for Education proudly honors kindergarten teacher Anita Alcaraz of Horton Elementary School as its Parent Choice Award honoree for November.

Anita Alcaraz
Anita Alcaraz

The 18-year-veteran was nominated for San Diego Unified School District’s Teacher of the Year two years ago for her many admirable classroom accomplishments, including her personal mission to ensure her students are reading proficient before moving forward to the first grade.

Being bilingual helps Alcaraz bridge the gap with English-language learner parents to foster a supportive home environment for her students to succeed. The wife and mother of two encourages parents to join in-class exercises, when able, and for parents to become active advocates for their students’ educations.

The Tijuana native moved to the United States after a tragedy, leaving her family in poverty. She discovered her knack for teaching at a young age and later on, paid her way through college by working 60-hour weeks at Supercuts.

As one parent, who nominated Alcaraz, said: “My child had her several years ago and I loved her.  I volunteered one day…  She was reading to the kids and the way she made voices for each character, everything in the way she was engaging the students was amazing. Everyone knows that every student that is in her class, leaves reading and writing, no matter what level they were before.”

United Parents for Education (UPforEd) is a parent advocacy nonprofit. UPforEd established the Parent Choice Awards to honor teachers who exemplify Alcaraz’s teaching passion and excellence. The honor includes a $500 cash award along with recognition from UPforEd staff and its membership.

Get involved. Visit and click on “Nominate a Great Teacher.” UPforEd staff, in conjunction with its Educational Advisory Committee, use criteria established by the California Teacher Standards to select the best of the best in San Diego Unified School District.

United PaLogo_UpForEdrents for Education, or UPforEd, believes every child deserves a high-quality education. Our mission is to substantially increase all students’ achievement within San Diego Unified School District by supporting children through a parent-led organization. 

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