Galvanized Brings On Drug-Prevention Group to Roster

I love work on drug-prevention efforts and so, it’s with great pleasure that I announce my little pr shop’s newest client, North Coastal Prevention Coalition.

The North Coastal Prevention Coalition, or NCPC, works through funding from the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency, Alcohol and Drug Services, to support the County’s prevention initiatives and engage the community in environmental prevention strategies and advocacy to reduce substance abuse problems.

The County initiatives include four areas: the Binge and Underage Drinking Initiative, the Marijuana Prevention Initiative, the Methamphetamine Strike Force Initiative and the Prescription Drug Task Force of San Diego County.

As many of you know, I helped roll out the “OXY ABUSE KILLS” campaign to launch the Oxy Task Force of San Diego County (now the Prescription Drug Task Force of San Diego County). Our public relations works led to a whole host of awards, including two regional Emmys and a public service Silver Bernays Award of Excellence.

My newest efforts are equally as important to save lives by educating the public on social host ordinances and help reduce the use and abuse of illegal drugs.

Just last month, two people were arrested in Spring Valley for hosting underage drinkers facing up to $1,000 fine for a first-time offense up to 6 months in jail. Violators can also be held liable for injuries resulting from a minor guest’s negligence and for the cost of responding law enforcement services.

In addition to its ongoing prevention work, the organization also hosts the annual April 20th event, “420 Remix – A Celebration of Drug-Free Life Choices,” attracting more than 1,000 youth countering the 420 marijuana drug culture’s smoking holiday.

Moms, dads, aunts, uncles, family and friends. Get involved. Follow NCPC on Twitter and like them on Facebook.

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