Galvanized Launches Fallbrook Healthcare District’s ‘It’s Your Health, Choose Wisely’

Galvanized Strategies recently launched Fallbrook Healthcare District’s ‘It’s Your Health, Choose Wisely’ campaign.

The two-pronged effort contacts the constituency by direct mail and in-person presentations targeting 7,500 Fallbrook residents, 65 and over, about healthcare options at Fallbrook Hospital.

Galvanized Strategies won the public relations bid back in September when the district faced a difficult contract impasse with Graybill Medical Group, which along with Palomar Pomerado Health, terminated its agreement with Fallbrook Hospital.

The fallout led to a tug-o-war primarily over senior patients. According to Graybill, it admitted about 150 patients with United Health Care insurance to Fallbrook Hospital. After the contract termination, Graybill referred more Fallbrook patients to the new Palomar Pomerado Health facility.

Galvanized Strategies was charged with stemming the patient loss by informing patients of their local healthcare options with a personalized approach for the “The Friendly Village.”

In the midst of crafting message around the dispute, PPH came to an accord with Fallbrook Hospital demanding a quick redirection in the campaign message.

Fortunately, the campaign time frame corresponded with “Open Enrollment,” which allows members of a group health insurance plan to choose new or different benefit programs. The regrouping helped delay the piece just long enough to avoid the crush of election mail.

The results: a proactive, fairly timeless community relations campaign which includes information about “Open Enrollment,” insurance and healthcare options at Fallbrook Hospital.

Galvanized Strategies subcontracted with Crotty Consulting to produce 7,500 pieces of mail (seen above), which included a response card and return envelopes to open up dialogue with the community.

Based on the universe demographics and message, Crotty estimated a roughly 20 percent response rate – 18 percent higher than the industry standard.

Galvanized branded the PowerPoint presentation with the mail piece’s messaging and art for district spokesperson appearances at local services clubs and Open Enrollment workshops.

Fallbrook Healthcare District also established a 24/7 toll-free healthcare hotline at 1-877-932-7913 promising a returned call by a live person within 24 hours Monday – Friday.

The day the piece landed just before the weekend, Fallbrook Healthcare District Administrator Vi Dupre emailed Galvanized: “Looks great!”

The District began receiving response cards and calls almost immediately.

So far… so good.

Learn more about the Fallbrook Healthcare District at Contact Galvanized Strategies with your public relations needs today.


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