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Business is about building happiness.

Every day, millions of people worldwide wake up, smile, stretch and think about how they will build more happiness.

Happiness comes in all forms: family vacations, education, cultural experiences, date nights, groceries, vehicles, homes, clothes.

Business is not about selling widgets.

Or P&L sheets. Or talent. Or lead development.

Those are simply necessary bi-products of creating happiness.

Unsurprisingly, people don’t wake up dreaming about how to have more of those tasks in life.

We must accept business necessities without forgetting about the happiness for which we work.

We recently sat down to talk with some REALTORS about what they’re doing to develop leads and how they’re managing their work flow.

But we started with this: What do you like doing in your work? And how do you do it differently than anyone else?

One enjoyed putting veterans in their first homes. Another loved helping folks downsize and start a simpler phase of life. Yet another shared that she enjoyed the staging and beautification process.

In marketing, we call those “differentiators.” It’s a jargony word that essentially means those people have special skills that makes them different and they love doing it.


And when they do what they love, they help people get what they want.

More happiness.

See a recurring theme here? Of course. You’re super wise and smart about business. And now your gears are turning too.

But before we get to what makes you different, let’s talk about my high school graduation day.

Hop in my way, waaaaay back machine and I’ll take you to Flint, Michigan where a 17-year-old me sat in a cap and gown listening to her valedictorian share a foundational story.

She began like this: “I work at a convenience store on the weekends. It’s sort of dull and the customers can be in a hurry, so it’s not always enjoyable. But I want to go to college and have a career in medicine. I focus on that and know this is just temporary. But I work with this older lady whose had a lifetime of work. She comes in everyday and greets every customer with a big smile. One day, I asked her why she was always so happy and she said: ‘Why wouldn’t I be, sweetie?’ ”

Life doesn’t begin to reveal happiness upon graduation. Or with a new career field. Or even with your best sales year yet.

Our happy-go-lucky store clerk knew what my friend and I had yet to experience first hand – happiness is everywhere if you know how to find it.

What’s your differentiator that can help you build more happiness? Let’s chat!

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