San Diego Rostra Wins Three San Diego Press Club Awards

San Diego Rostra took home three San Diego Press Club awards Tuesday night, two of which named yours truly as an administrator of the esteemed center-right political blog.

Though it’s always an honor to be recognized for your efforts, Rostra’s a real labor of love. Unlike many other blogs today, we don’t pay our contributors and have yet to monetize our site.

It’s real, down and dirty political fat chewing. Consume at your own risk.

It’s been years, eight to be exact, since I last won a journalism award and back then, we would have never considered a “blogger” at the same level as a journalist.

The damage done by ever-shrinking budgets means less beat coverage, fewer legal battles for the public’s right to know and generally, more questionable information in the stratosphere and arguably, a greater information space to own.

Sadly, the public distrust of the media’s at an all-time high. A recent Gallup poll showed 60 percent of Americans saying they have little or no trust at all in the news media.

Yet, I can report the Fourth Estate is still alive and kicking.

Trust me, I’m a blogger.

Photo above from the 39th Annual Press Club Annual Awards posted at the San Diego Press Club Facebook Page. Learn more about this 400-plus organization at

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