What an exciting day!

After nearly two years on my own as a public relations consultant, I’ve finally launched a website for my company – Galvanized Strategies.

Not to bring back those stressful days of memorizing the Periodic Table, but I’ve always been fascinated by chemistry. Like any good recipe, mixing the right ingredients amaze while the wrong combinations spell disaster.

Consider steel: a rather perfect material comprised mostly of iron and carbon. It builds cities – from the tools to build the buildings to the structures themselves.

But just bring this remarkable alloy in contact with oxygen: corrosion.

That’s where ingenious brain power took hold and as early as  17th Century India, armor makers applied a coating of a simple element – zinc – to galvanize the steel making it resistant to rust.

Good public relations should galvanize a brand like zinc coats steel to resist corrosion.

Humans are the same; the right support system always helps.

I’d like to thank a few people who’ve been invaluable supporters of my business efforts:  salty PR mentor Gayle Lynn Falkenthal of Falcon Valley Group, dear friends Aaron Byzak, David Graham, Rachel Laing, Phil Rath and Pascale Senejoux, my loving family including the amazing hubs, Brian, and of course, my  wonderful clients who make hopping out of bed each and every day a joy.

I’d be remiss in my thanks if I didn’t include my rock star website designer, Lisa Maria Roberts of Lisa Marie Designs (hat tip to Gayle for the fabulous referral!).

Erica Holloway, Principal

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